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VRCS1 No Local Control, LED's working


I have a VRCS1 that I'm trying to install to control our outside lights. I have power to the switch as I can get the LED's to function, but toggling the switch does not control the lights? I noticed on the instruction sheet it says "does not control the load", so does this mean I can't operate the switch locally?


Also, when I kick the break back on, I don't have a green LED as the instructions say. And when I try to enter programming mode, I get a red light followed by the amber. I can get my controller to find the VRCS1, but it won't save it.


Anyone with any thoughts?

  • VRCS1 No Local Control, LED's working



         The VRCS1 is a remote scene controller, and as you have inferred, it will not directly control a load.  It can be programmed to control a load from a remote location (similar to a 3-way application).  In order for the VRCS1 to control your outdoor lights, a Vizia RF+ switch would need to be installed, in place of switch currently controlling the lights, and then paired, via a programming remote or computer software, to your VRCS1.


    For example, the VRS15-1LZ is a load-bearing switch, and would replace whatever switch is controlling your outdoor lights.  Your VRCS1, which may be installed in a second location, could be programmed to control the VRS15, without actually running new wiring down to the VRS15.


         When pairing the VRCS1 to the remote, you need to first open the switch cover, and then, in one motion, push close the door, and continue to push and hold the switch in for about ten seconds.  At this point you should choose to "INCLUDE CONTROLLER" on your remote.


         For further instructions regarding your Vizia RF+ equipment, please feel free to call our support line at 800-824-3005 to speak with a Leviton representative.  We are open weekdays from 8am-7pm, EST.