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Vizia+ VPI06 and VP00R-10 pairs




I bought two Vizia+ dimmer and coordinating remote pairs to install as 3-way switches on two sets of lights. I wired each pair as per the instruction sheet (Step 4b - 3-way wiring with coordinating dimming or switching remote - no LEDs).


The way they are set up right now is that the two VLI06 dimmers are in a ganged wall box (at the entryway) where they share a common power source (i.e. they are on the same breaker and are fed by the same wire).


When turn on the switch for the lights on the right side (let's call that dimmer pair 1), it works as expected, both at the dimmer and at the remote. When I turn on the switch for the lights on the left (dimmer pair 2), all the lights, right and left turn on, but not at full brightness (my guess would be about 30%) even though full power is indicated on the LEDs. Turning that switch off turns off all the lights.


Is it not possible to have two separate dimmer pairs on the same breaker, or is this a defect?





  • Vizia+ VPI06 and VP00R-10 pairs

    Is dimmer pair 2 turning on all the lights for both pair 1 and pair 2 or only partially brightening the second set of lights?  There isnt a problem with two separate dimmers being on the same breaker.  I would recommend calling our Technical Services team at 1-800-824-3005 for further assistance.