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Model No. 6527 Wiring


An electrician replaced a switch (there was a upstairs switch and a down stairs switch to turn power on and off to a fan, when you turned power on you could then control the fan speed and light from the fan from the pull cords). The electrician replaced the bottom of the stairs switch with a Lutron Maestro 1 AMP Multi-location speed combo and light switch - Model No. MA-LFQHW-WH. The new controller can control the speed of the fan or dim the light on just 1 pair of wires. I put a blank cover plate over the hole upstairs.


NOW I WANT TO PUT THE LEVITON "LED GUIDE LIGHT" MODEL NO. 6527 in the up stairs where the cover plate is - HOW DO I WIRE IT?


The wires I have to use up stairs are:


Two purple wires wire nutted together and 2 blue and one yellow wire nutted together.


FYI: I saw inside the box 1 white and 1 black going from 1 conduit to another.


Attached is a picture of the hole and wires.

  • Model No. 6527 Wiring

    The 6527 would require a hot and neutral to operate.  The black (hot) would be wired to the brass screw, the white (neutral) would be wired to the silver screw and if available the green or bare (ground) wire would be connected to the green screw.  Please have a qualified electrician check the wiring in the wall to determine what each wire in your wall is.

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    So  just purchased Leviton's LED Guide Light from their Decora collection.  My readings have informed me that there are multiple variations, indicated by "-S", "-I", etc.  The box ONLY indicates that it is "No. 6527"  Not sure what the difference is, but nonetheless, I'm installing this in my kitchen.  The current set up is a Leviton single pole toggle switch.  I'm reading mixed messages online and if I would like clarification. Been working on this for about 4 hours which is so ridiculous for a stupid light switch that lights up!!!  Bloggers...you are my last hope before letting an electrician stick it to me (or get evicted for burning down my apartment complex...ether way), and there are other projects underway also.  HELP!! Here's the 4-1-1:


    Regular light switch (single pole toggle)

    two black wires are connected to both side screws on the current switch

    One screw appears to be gold and the other a gunmetal color but not sure if its because this place was built when God was just a boy!!

    There are all kinds of black wires present

    There are all kinds of white wires present

    There are several bare wires!

    However, ALL of the wires in each color coding are made of copper.

    The bare wires and white wires are all bundled up with their little caps on and don't appear to be doing much of anything


    Do I use the two black wires currently in use to attach to the new device?  We'll just need to determine which is live and which aren't.

    Or should I separate a single white and a single bare wire from their respective groupings to use as the instruction manual as it reads.  If so, does it matter which white and which bare wire should be selected to operate the new device? If it DOES matter, I'm out...give up...that is too labor intensive for a glow in the dark light switch.


    Thanks in advance for your time and forthcoming suggestions.


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           First off, I just want to make sure that' you're aware that the 6527 has now switching capabilities.  It is simply a guide light, designed to illuminate the area around it when it's dark.  If you want an illuminated switch, please look into something like our 5611-2W.


      The different "dashes" you mention refer only to the color of the device.  6527-W is a white device, whereas 6527-I is for Ivory, and so on, and so on.


      As for the wiring, as Eric stated in an above post, you'll need the hot wire (120V), which is the wire (usually black) coming from the circuit breaker.  It also will require a neutral wire (usually white).  Make sure power is cut at the breaker before you attempt any wiring.


           The hot wire will be feeding the 120V to whatever devices are in the box with the switch.  So this means one of the black wires attached to your single pole switch is a hot wire, and the other is the switch leg, which is the wire that brings the power to the device the switch controls.  Use a voltmeter or electrical tester to confirm your hot wires before attempting to install the device. If you don't have a tester, please consult a licensed electrician.


            If you're replacing the switch, simply bring the hot wire to the brass terminal on the 6527.  If the 6527 is being installed alongside the switch, you'll need to tap off the hot wire with a pigtail lead, and then connect the pigtail to the same brass terminal.


      The white wires you see that are bunched together are most likely your neutral wires, but I suggest using an electrical tester, or contacting an electrician to confirm before wiring.  You'll need to run a lead off the silver terminal of the 6527 and tie that together with the other neutral wires by removing the cap and twisting the copper ends together before putting the cap back on.


           You will do the same process for the bare wires, which are your ground connections.


      Please call us at 1.800.824.3005 if you're still having trouble with the wiring so a rep can help walk you through the process.  We cannot identify your wires though, so you'll need a tester if you haven't already been able to identify the wires.

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        Thanks G!! Appreciate your response. I actually figured it out.  And yes, felt a little silly when I realized it was just a glorified expensive night light, then again after realizing what the letters after the model number stood for  Oh well. I'll be shopping for occupancy switches very soon. meanwhile, instead of my kitchen., the Guide light sits proudly in my dining area that is used as an office. I've replaced all bulbs possible in my place with day bulbs. Anytime you have a non-day bulb among all day bulbs they look REALLY odd like you're inside an aquarium. But the glow on the 6527 matches perfectly! Have a good one!! --J