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IPSD6 motion detector/dimmer: Kick Start results in 3 blinks not 1 or 2


When I use the Kick Start feature of the IPSD6 Motion sensor/dimmer, the instruction sheet says there will be either 1 or 2 blinks, indicating whether the device is in CFL mode (2 blinks) or LED/incandescent mode (1 blink). I get 3 blinks, what does this mean, does it indicate an error condition? This device is driving 7 dimmable LED bulbs at 7.7W each, and is configured with 3-way wiring to a standard manual light switch at a different room entrance.


I searched the Leviton website, KB and with Google, could not find anything.


Also, when the lights first come on, they are momentarily bright, then they fade to the pre-set dimmer level - I think this is normal, resulting from the Kick Start inrush current. I would prefer that the lights do not flash brightly on startup (LED and incandescent bulbs should normally not require inrush surge). How do you restore it to LED/incandescent mode, just remove the push pad and re-insert it without using the 10-second Kick Start procedure? I know some other Leviton devices have a dedicated switch to put it into either CFL or LED/incandescent mode.


Thanks for your help!