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LTB60-1LZ 3-Way Wiring


I'm trying to wire up this with the corresponding VP0SR-1LZ.  The wiring diagrams match up perfectly for the Remote Switch, but the LTB60 is asking for 5 wires and I only have 4 (including the ground).  I've identified the ground, 2nd traveler and neutral wires, but I have one black wire where the instructions are calling for a Load Wire and a first traveler.  Any ideas?  Can I sure this switch.  It's replacing an older version of the  Leviton PR180 motion sensor switch.


Can I use this switch, if not, is there a time switch that can work in my set up.



  • LTB60-1LZ 3-Way Wiring



    If you're using the VP0SR-1LZ (has LED indicator), be sure to follow the appropriate wiring diagram for a 3-way configuration.  In the LTB instruction sheet, it is labeled as "Step 4C". I've also included a snapshot of it, for reference. As you can see, the timer should have four leads (excluding ground), if your timer does not have the same configuration of leads, please confirm the catalog number of the device.




    The "second traveler" should be the wire coming from the YL/RD terminal of your remote, whereas the "first traveler" is the wire connected to the timer's black lead, and the hot wire.  Be sure that your hot wire feeds both black leads on the devices, and that your neutral wire is wired to both white leads, before going to the load. 


    The "load wire" you're referring to is just the leads coming off your lighting fixture.  If your fixture doesn't have leads, connect the wires to the appropriate screw terminals.


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