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VPT24-1P wiring diagram


I'm trying to hook up my VPT24-1P timer on a three way system. the big problem is on both switches already installed i only have three wires. red, white and black. the ground is in the back of the box but what do i hook up the red/yellow wire too? how can i make this work? i have no other wires in the box for these lights. the instructions mention the first and second traveller wires but they don't exist in my set up here. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  • VPT24-1P wiring diagram

    Hi Troy,


          The VPT24 is a digital timer, and can only be controlled with our digital remote switches, the VP0SR-1LZ (LED) and/or VP0SR-10Z (no LED).  Standard 3-way switches will not work with this device, and based on your description, it seems those are the type of switches currently installed.