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Active or passive for distributing FIOS TV?


I've got a new house with over 20 different locations that have RG6 coax pulled to them.  Two cables to each location.  They're mostly 50 to 80' in cable length, but two are 150'.


I'd like to be able to distribute our FIOS signal to at least one connection at each of them.  The other being a spare or possibly connected to a roof TV antenna for over-the-air HDTV.


I'd like to make sure both FIOS TV and their MOCA network will function on the connections.


The first point of distribution will be about 30' of cable distance from the inital FIOS ONT.


How should I tier the splitters and which kind should I use? 


Why would I use active versus passive? 


Should I use a mix of them here? 


All the wiring is terminating inside Leviton boxes.  I've got a whole 42" and another 28" directly below it for this purpose.  I also have another 42/28 pair right next to it should space become a problem.

  • Active or passive for distributing FIOS TV?


    First the passive and powered splitters will work with FIOS but not MOCA.

    Second passive splitter are non-powered so when they split the signal there is drop in signal strength. If you have 10db coming into a 4 way splitter you will have 2.5db going out each of the ports on the splitter. Powered premium splitters will not have this issue. Whatever the incoming signal strength is all the outgoing ports will have the same strength. So if you have 1x8 premium splitter with 10db signal strength going in then you will have 10db signal strength going out of each of the 8 ports.

    If you have a large number of locations, a long distance run, or a weak signal to start with then you should be using a powered splitter to compensate.

    The less splitters the better. If you can home run everything back to a signal location that is ideal. It is better to use one big splitter than several smaller ones. I would recommend you use a C5002-0G0  1x2 splitter to feed a 1x16 powered splitter (47693-01P) and a 1x8 powered splitter (47693-8P). And if any of the longer runs still have a signal issue you would need to use a amplifier on those runs to boost the signal.