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VPT24-1PZ how to factory reset all setting


So I have problem


cuz I tryed to many time clock setting


but VPT24 clock goes wrong soon


How can I factory  reset all setting.




Is this VPT24 is broken???

  • VPT24-1PZ how to factory reset all setting

    To perform factory reset on the VPT24, you'll need to open the door, and press and hold down the SET button.  While holding the SET button down, you'll need to then press and hold the OVERRIDE button.  Keep both of these buttons held down until "RST" appears on the LCD.  When you see RST, release the buttons and press the SET button once more to confirm the reset.  The VPT24 will then reset and bring you to the setup options.  If the product is still isn't performing correctly, you may want to call theTechnical Support Department to troubleshoot the issue over the phone. To speak with a Leviton representative, call 800.824.3005 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm).