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Wiring 5225 combination in series from outlet box


Wiring confirmation 5225 Combination. I have 7 regular outlets around a bonus room. I have built perpendicular wall for bunk beds. I want to wire each bunk with a switched light and outlet.I have purchased T5225, installed a box for switch and light fixture and ran a 2 wire plus ground between them and a wire to current outlet. The current outlet has black and white wire comming in and going out. I want the 5225 outlet to be always on and switch to control light. How do I wire to 5225?


1. Shut off power.

2. Remove outlet. connect 2 blacks plus new black going to 5225 and same with 3 whites and ground.

3. Connect incomming black to-________________? screw; incomming white to _________________ screw?

4. Connect out going (to light) black to_____________________? Outgoing white to _________________?

5. Break fin?


I will remove the existing outlets and cover the cover the box.