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GFCI 7599W Question?


The 7599W GFCI works with just the line cables attached, but not when the two load lines (2 white and 2 black) are attached either both in the backwire holes or pigtailed and into one backwire hole each.  There is a bathroom switch before the outlet and a bathroom outlet and several switches and outlets after the GFCI outlet.  Will this outlet work in this configuration and does anyone have suggestions on how to wire this correctly?  There are 3 black, 3 white and 1 bare copper ground wire coming into the box.

  • GFCI 7599W Question?

    You should make sure that the black wire with power is going into the line side brass terminal of the device, with its neutral wire on the opposite side silver terminal.  If the hot wire is put to one of the load terminals, the device will show a solid green light and have no power at the face of the GFCI.