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6696 RF switch


the description states that this is a 3 way light switch.  I am confused if that refers to the fact that there is a second switch or that there is an actual SPDT built into the wiring or if that is because there is an RF remote.  In other words, is there a physial SPDT in the transmit box that can allow me to add this to an exisiting 3way infrastructure that i then can add an additional RF remote switch to, or is it a SPST switch that the RF remote then makes it a 3way light switch.


If it is the latter, can you suggust a way for me to add this or a simmilar product to my existing 3 way switch setup? (so that i can have 2xphysical 3 way light switch + one remote RF switch)

  • 6696 RF switch

    3-way, generally means that you can control a light from 2 locations. The 6696 offers that ability.

    Your scenario is slightly different in that you presently have 2 mechanical 3-way switches and wish to add a 3rd location.

    If all three locations are within 50 feet, the devices should not be installed in metal boxes and the lighting must be incandescent, the 6696 may work for you.

    First, identify the 3-way switch that has the load wire (wire that carries power to the light), replace that with the line voltage switch from the 6696 pair.

    Use the battery operated remote for the 2 remaining locations, set all devices to the same letter ("A" or "B").

    To do this, you would have to purchase 2 kits as units are only sold in pairs.