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How to replace single pole switch with single pole 5625 switch & outlet combo?


Hi, I hope someone can help with this.


I am replacing a single pole light switch with a 5625 switch & outlet combo.    When pull out the old switch, there is two black, two white, and two grounds.   The two whites are twisted together and the two blacks go in/out of the switch.   Grounds are twisted together too.    How should I wire this?    I have the diagram with the 5625 but I'm unclear on the white/neutral wire.    I tried wiring it with the hot black into the common, the other black to A1, and the two whites to N.    The switch works but the outlet only works if the switch is on.   Is that just the way the 5625 works?    I want an outlet that works seperate from the switch.   Will breaking the tab solve this?


Thanks in advance!