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VPI06 and companion dimmer


The wiring diagrams included with the VPI06 state the Load must be in the box with dimmer, and the Line must be in the box with matching remote.

In my situation, I have both the Line and Load in the same junction box with a 3-conductor wire leading to remote dimmer box.

Can I still use the Vizia+ dimmers?

I think the only catch will be that the LED's won't illuminate on the matching dimmer.


  • VPI06 and companion dimmer

    In your scenario, you will have to be creative and use one of your travelers to carry power back to the remote. Depending on the remote that you have (with LED or without) you would need to follow the correct diagram below;vpi06.PNGvpi06 2.PNG

    If you have 2 wires between both locations (line and load) -basically what is typical of a 3-way, you have enough wires to make this setup work. (the diagram on the right requires a nuetral at the line location)

    Don't think of it as you would a mechanical 3-way, just use the traveler wires to carry the hot or communication signal (YL/RD terminals).