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DMX Dimmer pack problems


I am a newbie with a  lighting problem. Our church has 3- D4DMX D5 dimmer packs hooked in series with XLR cables, back to our Leviton board. The manuals are so brief and my local music / renatl stores cannot help.

The first dimmer pack runs 3 lights programmed A0001 and on the board the 1 - 3 faders work the lights, the second dimmer pack programmed A0005. Here's the first part of the issue. The first dimmer pack and lights work fine until I turn on the second dimmer pack, then #1 lights go out, #2 lights work fine. The led's on the board stay on. Turn #2 off, #1 lights come back on.

#3 dimmer I think is NFG and is now diconnected, I cannot get it to 'A' to address the lights to the board, it just gooes 9999, 7777, etc on the screen.

Any ideas?