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I hav e this sensor on a small room 12 x12 ft but it keeps shutting itself off even with a large number of people in the room, can someone please advise why this is happening?

I thought that a sensor with this large capacity would be overkill for a small room that's why i got it but no.



  • OSC20-M0W

    A few things to do/consider:


    Make sure that the ceiling height is no more than 8 feet.

    On the dip switches, make sure that they are all in the "OFF" position with the exception of A3 and A4 which may serve you best by being in the "ON" position.

    Consider adjusting the time dial (black) fully clockwise which gives you a 30 minute delayed-off time, meaning, once motion is no longer detected, the sensor will begin to countdown and shut the lights off in 30 minutes.

    Increase the sensitivity by adjusting the red dial clockwise in small increments and testing it along the way.


    These suggestions correct most issues associated with ceiling sensors.

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      How about when the sensor will no longer turn the lights off? Tried adjusting levels, and with some success, switching from "occupancy" to "occupancy and photocell".




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        You can try moving dipswitch B2 to the ON position to override the lights OFF.  If the lights don't turn off then, you may need to look at the power pack.  If it does turn the lights off, you will probably need to turn back the sensors' sensitivity controls (counter clockwise).  The Ultrasonic (ear icon) would be my first option, and if you still aren't getting the results you want, try dialing down the infrared sensor (eye icon).


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