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Universal shelf bracket does not fit in media enclosure


I just received a structured media enclosure (47605-28N), and a universal shelf bracket (47612-UBK) that I ordered through Amazon.  However, the holes on the bracket do not line up with the holes in the enclosure. 


Holding the bracket with the shelf at the bottom, the holes from top to bottom are 3 inches apart, and the holes from left to right are 5 and 3/4 inches apart.  According to the Levition specification, the holes from left to right should be exactly 6 inches apart which would match my enclosure.  I don't know how this could be!!


I ordered the bracket directly from Amazon and not a reseller.  Other than the distance between the holes, the component does look like a genuine Leviton product.  The product was inside a plain white box with one page documentation.  The box did not have a printed color label on it as with other Levition structured media components I had ordered.


Any ideas?