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Need some advice and/or suggestions


I'm tired of having to walk downstairs to turn off the lights the kids left on (and Lord knows they aren't gonna turn them off!).  I have a three-way switch downstairs that controls about 9 recessed lighting fixtures - all using new 15 watt flourescent light bulbs.  I'd like to have a wireless lighting controll installed at the top of stairs.  What would be the easiest way for a novice to get something like this accomplished?

  • Need some advice and/or suggestions



         If you wanted to install a wireless switching system for your downstairs lighting, you would need to replace the load side 3-way switch with a WSS10-0DW (requires neutral) and run power to it, almost as if it were a single-pole switch.  If you don't have a neutral wire in your home, you can use the WSS10-GDW which requires a ground instead.  You will then need to install remotes for each location you wish to control the lights from.  The correct remote switch you would use is the WSS0S-P0W.