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Wiring the T6525 Outlet & Led light


I am replacing my old duplex outlet in my hallway with a T6525, but I have two hot wires to the old outlet. The T6525 only has one brass and one silver. I'm confused by the installation instructions #4a where it says "if more than one wire is required on a terminal, you have to use the backwire option". Is this describing what I have?. Am I supposed to put both hot wires to the brass and both neutrals to the silver?


The install instructions are at the following link.



  • Wiring the T6525 Outlet & Led light

    The receptacle can't be used for separate feed applications.  If your previous outlet used two hot wires to power it, you'll need to cap off one of the hot wires, and complete its circuit, since only one hot can be used with this device.  Backwiring would be used if you were looking to wire any other devices in parallel with the T6525.