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Wiring the Trimatron 6684 Dimmer


I have the trimatron 6684 three way dimmer /  One light and two switches. One switch has black & red wires at the top and onc black wire at bottom.

The other switch has black & red wired at top and two black wires at bottom.  Which switch to use?  The new dimmer has green & red wires on left and

red & black wires on right.  How do I connect these wires and to which switch???   Will appreciate help!

  • Wiring the Trimatron 6684 Dimmer



         If you're looking to wire the dimmer in a 3-way configuration, you'll need to connect the hot from your box to the black screw on your 3-way switch.  From there, you'll need to connect the two red leads on the dimmer to the two travelers on your three way switch (if your switch has no leads, use the two brass screws).  The black lead of the dimmer should wire directly to your load, and the green lead should go to ground. If you aren't sure of the type of switches you have, or if you are unable to identify your wires, you may want to consult with a qualified electrician.