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Using an NRD 8000 with Mark X Ballast


I am trying to set up 2 zones of Dimmable Mark 10 (X) Ballasts using 2 channels of an NRD 8000. 

- Zone 1 will have 6 ballasts in 6 fixtures using 32w T8 lamps.  Total Wattage: 384w

- Zone 2 will have 8 ballasts in 8 fixtures using 32w T8 lamps.  Total Wattage: 512w


I called Leviton Tech support and was told by a tech that this would work but I needed to install  PE200-10w power extenders,  So we purchased one for each Channel/Zone of the NRD 8000 (we bought 2)   1 for the 6 lights and 1 for the 8 lights.  The PE200-10w's are installed between the 2 Dimming channels of the NRD 8000 and the 6 and 8 ballast zones (one PE200 for each channel and zone) per Wiring Diagram 1A for 120V Single Feed Wiring Application w/Mark X™ Ballast (in the spec/install sheet for the PE200)


When everything is connected, I can get 100% light power up in both zones with the NRD 8000s (we have 2 packs) controlled by MC 6300 board on 2 different channels.

- Can dim down to about 75%

- AND Can dim down to the total 5% dimming of the ballasts, but using a 2.5 sec fade rate is a bit "steppie" as we dimmed down to the 5%.


- BUT when the channel of the MC 6300 is in the range from 75%-5%  (from the line mark 7 down to mark 4 on the control board slider. All the lights in the Zone Flicker like a candle.  It does not seem to be the bulbs (the light in the bulbs is smooth and solid and were burned in for 24 hours at 100%) , nor does it seem to be the  light fixtures as I can control Zone 2 all 8 lights with a Leviton IllumaTech IPX06-10Z 600va Slide Dimmer that is made for the Mark X Ballasts.


The NRD 8000s are on 4 40amp breakers 2 on each 110v leg, The PE200s Hot (outputs) are connect to 1 of those 40 amp breakers that is running one side of one of the NRD 8000s . After pouring over the spec and install sheet of the PE200-10w, the only thing I can see is in the Mounting section, the statement that says, "Line voltage wiring should be at least 6ft away from sound or electronic equipment wiring."  We DO have the PE200's mounted about 6 inches below the NRD 8000s which are setting on a shelf board above.  But we are using one of the circuits of the NRD 8000 to power the PE200's, so how would get 6 feet away from the NRD 8000 wiring?


So what might we  be doing wrong?  Any Ideas? Will the NRD 8000s even controll Mark X Ballasts?  Do we need 1 PE200-10w for each Ballast?

  • Using an NRD 8000 with Mark X Ballast



    From what you have described it looks like the setup is correct, except one thing that caught my attention.


    Are you feeding the constant power for the PE200 from the output of the NRD8000?  If so i would not recommend this since the output of the NRD8000 is a modified sine wave and may not allow the PE200 to operate correctly.


    If you put a incandecent bulb on the output of the PE200 does it dim up and down smoothly or does it exhibit same concern?


    I see you have inquiry # 16-8757 setup in our system. Please contact us at lestechsupport@leviton.com or 800-959-6004.