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RENU Quickport options


The data/voice/A/V item we offer that match the Renu line are only available in limited color options, Black, white, Navajo sand. We do not offer Renu specific Quickport  connectors, you would use the standard Quickport connectors that we offer.  If you are using Quickport (“keystone”) style connectors you will need to use a Quickport insert. The inserts come in 1,2,3,4, and 6 port options depending on how many connectors you need to use. These plates are RE640 style plates, if you use that number to search at Leviton.com you will see the color and port options available. We also have pre-combined plates with connectors in them already that may work for you, see HERE


Here are a few examples


41084-F*F  Quick port connector coaxial F connector

61110-R*6  Cat6 Quickport connector

41106-R*6   USOC connector 6P6C

(* is for color, W= white, E = black, I= Ivory. Ivory is the closest standard color to Navajo sand)