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Adjusting blade on Lynx Cleave Tool?


Can you adjust the blade on the Lynx cleaver? How?

  • Adjusting blade on Lynx Cleave Tool?

    Yes... the blade is adjustable. Instructions can be found in the instruction sheet, available on the leviton.com website.


    However, there is something that should be kept in mind:


    Rotating the blade is not something that you will need to do very often, given the number of cleaves it is designed to handle (3000 cleaves per blade rotation). In our experience with the tool, installers want to rotate the blade because they feel their cleaver isn't cleaving properly. Unless your tool has been under very heavy use, we have found the reason is that they aren't getting all of the acrylate coating stripped from the fiber prior to cleaving, or their tool is dirty.


    Before rotating or adjusting the blade in any way, we strongly recommend double checking the fiber stripping procedure and tool cleanliness.