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Will a 6633 dimmer work on LED bulbs or not?


I bought a 6633 dimmer. On the green insert in the packaging it says it is good for Incandescent, Halogen and LED bulbs (no mention of CFL's) and I want an LED dimmer. Looks great but when I opened the package and read the installation instructions (I know - who does this!) I see a warning that this dimmer should ONLY be used on Incandescent or Halogen type. Not CFL and not LEDs. So in the package the documents conflict. I talked to Tech Support and they said to take it back but since it was installed I tried it and it works on my LED bulb. Does anyone know if this will be a problem? What is the difference between LED and non LED dimming technology. I read somewhere that the big diff is with CFL's - they need a boost voltage to get the lamp to start - but LED's don't need that. In fact, on a particular dimmer, there is a user selectable switch for INC/LED and CFL indicating that LED's should be fine on some dimmers. However, I do have some old dimmers that don't work very well with LED's - the problem is that they flicker at the full position and the dimming isn't linear.

Comments please.