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Combing and Bundling CAT 6A cables


Combing and Bundling CAT 6A cables


Because of increased alien crosstalk (AXT) that occurs with strict combing or tightly bundling CAT 6A cable, Leviton and other organizations recommend that CAT 6A cables be installed loose or uncombed, or be placed in pathways with a "natural lay” (BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual).

We also recommend against bundling cable with tie-wraps that can degrade performance.

However, aesthetics are a factor in installs, and the trend in the industry is to comb the cable when it is exposed so that there are no “divers” or “emergers”, especially in the Telecommunications Room and in overhead installations in data centers. Combing, along with sequential fastening (e.g. bundled every 8"), is considered to be the worst-case scenario by

TIA standards.

Even with the knowledge of uncombed cable as a best practice, some customers (contractors and end users alike) still require their cable to be strictly combed. Fortunately, Leviton’s CAT 6A system — which includes connectors, cords, and patch panels — has been independently field tested to ensure 10G performance and surpass TIA performance criteria under strictly combed, worst-case conditions.