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Help installing VPT24-1P Timer switch


THis is what I am seeing inside my box in the wall -


  • A copper ground wire


  • A black wire
  • A red wire


on this new unit I see the following


  • green wire - I am pretty certain this connects to the copper wire in the wall
  • a black wire - which I assume connect to the black wire in the wall

A red wire - (which I would have assumed went to the red wire in the wall but I saw a youtube video where the guy said to not use this wire in a single pole install

  • I have a yellow and red wire - which I am also fairly certain I do nothing with

White mystery wire


My question is - do I connect the Red to the Red - and then just cover the White wire and have it do nothing


Or do I connect the white wire to the red wire and then put a cover on the red wire like the youtube guy did.




  • Help installing VPT24-1P Timer switch

    The first thing you will need to do is identify the wires in your wall. It sounds like you do not have a neutral (a return path to your panel).

    The VPT24 does require a neutral because of its display and features.

    Most switches do not, in fact a common mistake is incorrectly wiring the timer by excluding the white lead (wire) which is necessary for it to function.

    So, the hot wire from your electrical panel (supplies power to the device) goes to the black lead of the VPT24

    The neutral goes to the white lead.

    The wire that carries power to the light you wish to operate attaches to the red lead.

    Make sure it is grounded and that should do it.



    • Re: Help installing VPT24-1P Timer switch

      In my box I Have a few black wires bundled together and a few white wires bundled, with just a single black and single white coming to the current switch. How do I hook the red to the line going to the load in this case? Whatever is going to the load seems to be bundled with the hot already.