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How can I do occupancy sensing & dimming on same fixture


I have a light switch that dims the light.

I want to add an occupancy sensor so that the light will come on when someone walks in the room (the switch is in an odd location and I don't want to fumble for it in the dark).


What occupancy sensor should I use for this?  Can any be used?  Or only specific ones?


How do I wire this?  Do I just add the occupancy sensor as a second load to the light so that it can then be turned on either by the occupancy sensor or the switch?

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    Leviton offers Universal Light Control & Dimmer combination devices. I would suggest Leviton's catalog number IPSD6-1LZ.


    The device is rated for use wiht 120VAC, 60Hz 600W Incandescent & 150W Dimmable LED & CFL lighting.



    • How can I do occupancy sensing & dimming on same fixture

      Any problems with this setup?


      Granted this wiring method would be more complex then just using the wall switch IPSD6-1LZ, but if a ceiling sensor is wanted / required isn't this an option...


      Using the Leviton ceiling sensor Model: OSC20-M0W which requires the OSP20-0D0 power pack (I know newer line voltage sensors are available), can I just wire in the following manner to get occupancy sensing & dimming on the same fixture:


      Supply Power - to - Power Pack, which is connected to both ceiling mount sensor & dimming wall switch?


      This should work, right?


      In this above case the low voltage lines from the power pack to the sensor are not important for dimming, they're just connected, power pack to sensor.


      However, the load (blue) from the power pack (over 12 or 14/2) becomes the "supply line" for the wall dimmer switch, then from the dimmer switch (over 12 or 14/2) the load line connects the fixtures. This should work with 3-way switches or any desired setup, right?


      The CEILING occupancy sensor is switching power, the dimmer(s) just dim. Although the dimmer would not be powered when the occupancy sensor shuts off load, there's no reason to need dimming when no one is in the room... unless...


      The above setup (assuming it works), falls short when required / wanting to use switch functionality when no one is in the room; for example, Vizia RF+ dimmer model VRI10-1LZ, would loose Z-wave functionality if the occupancy sensor wasn't triggered. So you could remotely dim, using Z-wave, as long as the ceiling sensor detected motion.


      What we need is a more capable OSC20-M0W ceiling sensor including Z-wave within, as I have a client that wants this exact setup. What are the options for those that want ceiling occupancy sensors with z-wave wall dimmers?


      How about if the ceiling sensor is installed already and now there's a desire for Z-wave?