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What is 10GBASE-CX4?


What is 10GBASE-CX4?

  • What is 10GBASE-CX4?

    10GBASE-CX4 — was the first 10G copper standard published by 802.3 (as 802.3ak-2004). It uses the XAUI 4-lane PCS (Clause 48) and copper cabling similar to that used by InfiniBand technology. It is specified to work up to a distance of 15 m (49 ft). Each lane carries 3.125 G baud of signaling bandwidth.

    10GBASE-CX4 offers the advantages of low power, low cost and low latency, but has a bigger form factor and more bulky cables than the newer single lane SFP+ standard and a much shorter reach than fibre or 10GBASE-T.

    Shipments of 10GBASE-CX4 today are very low