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Prevent Light Loss with FastCAM Terminations



Leviton’s FastCAM connectors are precise and easy to install. But in order to ensure proper termination and to avoid light loss issues, there are three important steps you should follow:


1. Use the correct cleave tool

FastCAM connectors require the use of a precision cleave tool with a

one degree or better cleave angle, such as the LYNX or CT-30A (both

offered by Leviton). However, the sapphire scribe and the Versa-

Cleavetools are NOT appropriate tools for FastCAM terminations.


2. Ensure proper cleave length

For LC and SC terminations using VFL-compatible FastCAM connectors, set the cleave length at

10.5 mm. For ST terminations using 250 micron fiber, set the cleave length at 10 to 10.5 mm.

When using 900 micron fiber, set the cleave length at 13 to 13.5 mm.


3. Make sure the wedge is engaged

Per the image below, hold the connector wedge between your index finger and thumb in a

vertical fashion. Give the connector a squeeze until you hear a slight snap sound. There are two

wedges, so make sure both are snapped into place.

Once you go over these details carefully you should find that you have a perfectly terminated —

and perfectly performing — connector.

Fastcam image.png





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    Making sure the wedge clips are fully engaged and open is the most important step.  Using a VFL will definitely help.  In the image below, the connector on the right has the wedge clips correctly seated.  All the light is exiting window #1 closest to the ferrule end of the connector.  The one on the left has the wedge clips partially engaged so light is passing further into the connector meaning the CAM is not fully open inside the connector.  The stripped fiber will have more difficulty entering the connector and mating with the bare fiber section inside the connector.  Re-seating the wedge clips (sometimes more than once) should result in the connector looking like the one on the right.