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Things to know about first time CAT6A installs


Cat6A is becoming more in more common and there are a few things to know to help the first few installs go smoothly


First, you'll  need to know how best to work with the cabling

  • Most 6A cable typically comes on reels, so be prepared with appropriately-sized rack or cart
  • Cable runs require more space for larger trays and conduit as well as bend radius and slack loop requirements
  • To prevent crushing, position the 6A cable on the bottom of the cable trays and limit bundles to 50
  • Use stronger, properly -sized anchors, threaded rods , and J hooks to support the extra weight throughout your runs
  • Space supports randomly between three and four feet apart to prevent sagging ( the spacing between supports needs to be random to avoid a harmonic build up, if supports are put evenly at 4ft for example a frequency harmonic can build up over the length of a cable run and cause signal issues)

                                                                cat6 vs cat6a.png