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Zones, Areas, Groups, Associaitons


Can someone provide the "real" definitions and differences for the Z-Wave Terms:

  • Zones
  • Areas
  • Groups
  • Associaitons

Seems like these terms are often trhown around and few people know what they really are.


In the RF Installer Tool, for the VRCZ4-MRZ, it refers to Areas and I see no way to add a Zone.


Seeing that the device is a ZONE controller, how can there not be a way to add a Zone?




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    Jim - I would recommend taking the free ez-learn Vizia Rf+ tutorial courses to become more familiar with Vizia.  You can access those here.


    A zone is one controlled load(s): An area is multiple zones. For example, a series of porch lights controlled by a single Leviton Vizia RF + device is a zone. An area could be the porch and/or any additional zones, such as landscape lights.


    Areas are defined as a group of selected devices (within the Primary Remote) who are joined together as a group. This group of devices can be used to quickly associate to a controller. Leviton’s Vizia RF+ network is capable of creating 128 areas. These areas can be configured as a single device, all devices in a single room, or as a whole house area up to 32 devices per button on a controller.

    Once your areas have been created, you can easily associate a group of devices to a button on a scene or zone controller. Areas are also used when selecting profiles in the primary remote this allows your primary remote to control areas within a profile. Each profile can turn on an area assigned to a button.

    Areas can be assigned to a scene or zone controller. When associating your scene or zone controllers select the area option and assign the area you would like to control to that scene or zone.

    To specify the relationships between the dimmers or switches and the controllers, Leviton uses a method called association.

    Associations can be created by using a primary controller, or a PC software program which has implemented Vizia RF+ association protocols. Associations can be set, removed, modified or reported back at any time. This creates a much greater level of flexibility and greatly speeds up installation. It is important to associate your network after all devices in your network are installed.