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Replacing an old switch


I was able to get ahold of an old 1950s table fan that was not in working condtion.  After getting the motor working again, I noticed the old switch was broken as well.  It was a Leviton 3A-120v rotary switch (no model number).  It had 3 legs into the switch and a Off,L1,L2 configuration to allow the fan to be either Off, HI, or LO.  I cannot for the life of me find a replacement switch.  I am looking at the 573, but I'm curious on the internal mechanism of this switch.  I'm looking for a switch to do the following simple circuit. 






When the switch connects A+B, the fan runs on LO.  B+C, the fan is off. A+B, the fan is HI.  I cannot have a A+B+C or my resistor will lose its magic smoke.  Can I have some guidance on the 573?  I'm looking for the same functionality as the 804, just not as bulky.