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Difference in WSS10 models?


I'm trying to purchase a WSS10 setup and I'm beginning to become confused:





I know the W stands for white. Is 'Z' refering to the multiple plate cover packs?


I've read through the product spec and understand the -G means no neutral. 


What does -D amd -U represent?



Also, why does a wireless remote switch (WSSOS) cost around 80$, but a 6697 switch and plug-in receiver kit cost only 30$? Are these not the same switch's?

  • Difference in WSS10 models?

    This is to indicate the Basic vs Advanced software option.


    • Basic
      • WSC, WSSoS-P
    • Advanced
      • EnOcean-enabled Trasmitter, Switches and Occupancy Sensors - WCS, WSSoS, WSoRC, WSSLT (in PTM mode), WSSoS-P, WSSoS-R, WSSLT, WSC


    The WSSoS and 6697 are two different technologies and are not compatable.