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What's the difference between two audio systems?

Darby Scout

Looking at the SGAMP with the SGVST-W volume controls, versus the A-BUS system.  What is the difference between the two systems? Why would I pick one over the other?

  • What's the difference between two audio systems?

    The SGAMP/SGVST is a single source distribution Audio System.  The SGAMP offers impedance matching.  Impedance matching is necessary for mismatched amp/speaker combinations. The module allows input for one pair of speakers and then distributes them out to 6 locations.  This single source audio is limited to 6 pairs of speakers, and cannot be chained to another SGAMP module.


    The SGAMP system uses only speaker wire, with cabling run from the amp to the SGAMP, from the SGAMP to the volume controls, and from the volume controls to the speaker.


    Key Features:

    6 zones maximum

    Speaker wire only

    Slide-style volume controls


    SGAMP wiring.JPG





    Is an expandable audio system that uses UTP (Cat 5e or Cat 6) and speaker wire.  The standard ABUS module accommodates 4 pairs of speakers, but is expandable by adding additional A-BUS modules. The A-BUS volume controls have a built-in infrared sensor to allow control commands to the receiver via remote control.


    The ABUS system also allows for a local source input, which allows an MP3 player or other source to be plugged in a particular zone to take over that zone’s speakers. For example, if you wanted to listen to jazz music throughout your house, but your teenager wants to listen to something else in her own room.


    The A-BUS wiring requires Cat 5e from each volume control and local source input module, back to the A-BUS module. Speaker wire is only used to connect the speakers to the volume controls. In addition, you will need an A-BUS compatible receiver.


    The Leviton A-BUS system is made for Leviton by Harman Kardon.


    Key Features:


    Cat 5e and speaker wire

    Local Source Input (override)

    Expandable, in increments of 4 zones (4, 8, 12…)

    IR Sensor Volume Controls

    Rocker-style manual adjustment of volume controls


    A-Bus wiring.jpg