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GFCI/Switch Combo plus switch


I just purchased a 7729 GFCI combo switch/outlet. I'm replacing a switch/outlet combo and an additional switch (these are right new to eachother in the box). I'm having issues making everything work. This is what I have:

- no ground, just black and white

- 4 different set of wires coming into the box

1. power from box

2. wire to bathroom fan (this is the switch on the switch/outlet combo currently)

3. wire to lights

4. wire to switch in dining room lights


So i have power to the GFCI/Switch combo (this runs the bathroom fan and outlet) but can't seem to get power to the other switch (bathroom lighting and to the dining room lighting). Any help would be great, maybe a diagram can be emailed. If you need addtional information, please let me know.





    • GFCI/Switch Combo plus switch

      I have a T7299w GFCI switch combo. The above wiring diagram confirmed my understanding of how to wire this device so that the light is also ground fault protected. I do not know yet how the location where the device is to be installed is wired. I wanted a diagram to cover the situation where the power from the breaker box enters at the light and not at the switch location. The only way the device can be installed in this situation would be if a 14/3 cable ran between the light and the GFCI/switch device AND if it was okay to do the following:


      I would have to pigtail the white wires at the light all together (power source neutral in/light fixture white wire/white wire running to GFCI/switch device). At the device end of things, the neutral white wire would have to be pigtailed in with the line neutral silver screw on the device as well as the load neutral silver screw. Is this permissible?



      thanks for any specks, diagrams, or instructions.

  • GFCI/Switch Combo plus switch

    You would put the hot black to the line side brass, and its neutral to the line side silver.  Then, take on of the black leads coming out the back of the device and loop it back into the device to the load side brass terminal and hook the black wire that is going up to the fan to the other black lead sticking out of the back.  The neutral for the fan would go into the line side silver.  The two black wire remaining would have to be pi-tailed together and put to the remaining load side brass terminal, and the neutrals to the remaining load side silver terminal.