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Need PDF wiring diagrams for PWA 58159 and 58163


Need PDF wiring diagrams for PWA 58159 and 58163


Trying to figure out this mess that Pulte left me with.  Have no notes and the panel pictures on the cover don't match the panels that were installed.


Could not find anything on the site and google search is worthless for tech info since there are so many plagarism sites.


Thanks in advance.

  • Need PDF wiring diagrams for PWA 58159 and 58163

    Hi Kevin,


    I apologize that you are having an issue finding documentation on the panels installed in your home. Part of the difficulty is that the PWA #'s aren't part numbers - they are an internal number referencing the particular circuit boards.


    The PWA 58163 corresponds to our Cat 5e board, PN# 47605-C5B (with bracket) or 47603-C5 (without bracket). The 58163 corresponds to a telephone distribution board which is typically not sold separately. I am guessing you have something like PN# 47603-12P installed, which is a combination of both parts.


    Here's a link to a diagram that shows wiring for telephone using the two parts you describe. If you only want to use your boards for data, you will only use the Cat 5e board, and use patch cords to connect each port into a router or a switch.


    Our tech support line can assist you further, providing additional diagrams and instructions. Feel free to call us at 800-824-3005 (option 1) or email appeng@leviton.com


    Hope this helps!