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6652 not turning off


I've installed a 6652 to control a bathroom exhaust fan.  The fan correctly turns on when the switch is pressed and correctly turns off when the switch is pressed twice.  The light on the switch correctly illuminates when the fan is running.  But the fan never turns off automatically no matter what the timer setting - ever - it will run for days before I manually turn it off.  The power draw of the fan is nowhere near the rating of the switch.  And the switch is wired properly with a neutral and ground.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone else experienced this?

  • 6652 not turning off

    I just tried using the switch with no load and with a 100W incandescent lamp.  Same results.  It will not turn off automatically at any timer setting.  I have two switches exhibiting the same problem.  Could this be a bad lot of switches?  Have others seen this problem?