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Does Leviton make Cat 5e or Cat 6 coupler?


Does Leviton make a Cat 5e or Cat 6 coupler?

  • Does Leviton make Cat 5e or Cat 6 coupler?

    No.  This is not a supported wiring solution under the standards.

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      Please see below paragraph discussing Leviton's position on couplers.  Key takeaway is that Leviton will not warrant an installation that employs couplers within the Backbone or Horizontal cabling.

      • While ANSI/TIA-568-C does not come right out and specifically disallow couplers, nor are they a defined element of the Permanent Link or Channel which are detailed in the standard. ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 defines cable, connectors, and patch cords as standard parts of a PL or Channel. It further allows an optional Consolidation Point or Transition Point, but the connections within these optional elements are specifically defined as Interconnections (i.e. single connections) NOT cross-connections (e.g. port-to-port patching).  Couplers do not fall within any of these definitions. So, our stance for the non-use of couplers in the Horizontal cabling, stems from the fact that they are not a best practice. A coupler essentially has two connectors in very close proximity to each other, and this is a very noisy point of connection. There is no standard for performance or testing of such devices, and many are poorly made. For a Leviton Warranted Installation, we do not allow them as an element of the Horizontal cabling (or for that matter, within the Backbone cabling either).