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Leviton SPD models comparison




I am looking to buy a Surge Protective Device for residential, but I am not sure which is right for me.  The model that I am interesting in is 52120-CM2, 42120-1, and 51120-1.  I did some google-ing to find out about SPD.  I came across that the lower the VPR, the better the SPD.  So...


I like 52120-CM2 because of higher Maximum Surge Current (100kA per phase), Short Circuit Current Rating (100kA) and the Norminal Discharge (I-N 10kA/20kA); and surge counter and modular.  However, I notice the VPR (L-N 1000V) is higher than the other two models (L-N 800V).  Which one of these is a "one-size fits all"?   52120-CM2 is my first choice.  Any thoughts?



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    This would depend on what exactly you are looking for.  Do you want a unit with replaceable modules?  Is cost a factor?  How often does lightning strike near your home or do surges occur within your home?  These questions should all factor into your main decision on what unit would fit your needs.  The 52120-CM2 has replacable modules.

    The 51120-1 is not module and does not have replaceable modules.  Neither does the 42120-1.

    All 3 units will work for you as long as you have single phase 120/240V service into your home.

    Any of the units you listed should provide proper protection to your home in the case of a surge.