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PR180 3-Way Wired Wrong


Hello All. Im trying to figure out whats wrong. I thought I followed the directions correctly, but I guess not. My issue is that my 3-way switch (switch 1) powers the PR180 in the UP position, but when in the DOWN postion the PR180 loses power. To specify, switch 1 is UP and the PR180 settings on both AUTO and ON works perfectly. When switch 1 is DOWN the green LED on the PR180 turns off and I get no light regardless of Auto/On setting.


Heres how I have it wired:

Switch 1

Hot feeds the Common terminal, Traveler A terminal and the Traveler A wire (to PR180) via a wire nut. Traveler B connected to PR180 (Black wire). Of course ground is wired.



Traveler A connected to Black wire. Traveler B connected to Yellow/Red wire. Red wire feeds load and of course green to ground.


Through much trial and error, the PR180 Black and Yellow/Red wires may be reversed.


Is there anyone who can exlpain with detail for a non-pro as to what I've done wrong. I would like the 3-way switch (switch 1) to toggle the lights on, not just off. Thanks in advance.

  • PR180 3-Way Wired Wrong

    You are missing the jumper wire that needs to be tied between the common and your traveler that is coming from the black wire of the PR180.

    • PR180 3-Way Wired Wrong

      Forgive my ignorance, but how is that different from what I did when I connected 4 wires together using a wire connector? I connected the Hot (from panel), Common terminal (via a short wire), Traveler A terminal (via a short wire), and the Traveler A wire (to PR180) all together with one wire nut. I think I need a step-by-step reiteration of the wireing directions. Thank you. 

    • PR180 3-Way Wired Wrong

      I just purchased a PR 180 but must have wired it wrong too.  My house switch has a black, red and white wire.  I wired the switch to the PR180 as:

      1. black to black
      2. white to white
      3. red to red plus yellow to red (it's a three way)
      4. the lights are fluorescent and I have no idea if they are "magnetic Rapid start Ballasts"


      What happens is the lights go on then off, and so on, when no one is in the room. 


      Is it wired wrong, or the lights causing the problem and if so what product handles fluorescent lights?


      Thank you.