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Installer tool and Intermatic HA07?


Has anyone been successful with integration of the installer tool and Intermatic's remotes?


Once a system has been programmed with the installer tool, the intermatic remotes are a very cheap alternative to Leviton's remote. However I was unable to program a network in the installer tool and then add the Intermatic remotes. To be accurate, you can add them but they immediatly show as unknown and the system asks to re-add them. I could not get them to a healthy state and transfer any configuration to them.


One thing that worked was to create and program a network with the HA07 as primary, and the installer tool as secondary. I was able to use the intermatic remotes and still program associations for the leviton wall zone controllers with the install tool (which is something the intermatic remote can not do).


Any ideas on a more clean workflow for integration? I thought all z-wave devices should live happily together.