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PR180 Installation Question


I have a PR180 switch in a 3-way circuit that I am having trouble with.  Specifically, the 3-way switch at the other switch location does not turn the light on, even with the supplied jumper installed.  I have reviewed the installation instructions available in pdf format on this site, and they are confusing.  The instructions mention "jumper wires;" does this mean that more than one jumper wire is required for proper installation?  Also, the wiring diagram in the instructions shows the regular 3-way switch at the location of the hot line; in my situation, the PR180 is at the hot line location and the regular 3-way switch is at the load location.  I have read that there may be two different versions of the PR180: an older version with a solid yellow wire, and a newer version with a wellow/red wire.  If it makes any difference, mine has the yellow/red wire.


Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

  • PR180 Installation Question

    many folks find this wiring diagram is less confusing:


    The first step is to properly identify your wires, which it sounds like you have.

    Follow the image above and you should be able to turn the lights on from the 3-way switch (not off, it is still subjected to the time out feature of the PR180)