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One Hot Switch


My three way dimmer #6683 seems to get very hot.  I have one three way dimmer and one normal (on/off) three way switch. Both work.  6 - 60 watt can lights on the pair of swithches.  Did I wire it wrong or is too much load for the switch?  Don't want to burn down the house.

  • One Hot Switch

    In service, it is normal for dimmers to feel warm to the touch: it is completely acceptable as long as the temperatures remain within the limits established by UL and the manufacturer. Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) has specified limiting parameters for this type of heat buildup. The average dimmer operates at approximately 140°F; UL allows a maximum temperature of 195°F. When dimmers are ganged together, each dimmer's load must be derated to offset the resulting heat build-up from the presence of several units in the same wallbox.