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VIZIA VRCOP +3 issue with Yale Locks


Is the new VRCOP 3 compatible with the new Yale Locks?   I have purchased both but am unable to get the lock to respond.  It will include but when I send the lock command found in the VRCOP protocol document via Hyperterminal nothing happens.  In addition another issue seems to be very slow response on the VRCOP with the other lighting nodes.   When watching hyperterminal respond to local lighting changes it seems like it takes for ever to respond and quite often when it does it repeats the response about 5 times so it takes a long time for the network traffic to calm down.  Note I have 33 nodes in my setup with 7 of them being controllers including the VRCOP+3

  • VIZIA VRCOP +3 issue with Yale Locks

    I have an HAI Omnipro II, VCROP +3, VRUSB-1US and a Yale deadbolt lock.  I have it so that the HAI can lock and unlock the Yale lock.  The HAI also senses when the Yale lock is locked or unlocked whether by key, turning the knob or using the touch pad.


    I used the VRUSB-1US with the Leviton Vizia installer software to include the yale lock in the network.  I also had to use my laptop connected to the VCROP +3 to create the reverse association.

  • Re: VIZIA VRCOP +3 issue with Yale Locks

    As long as you are using the RF Installer tool v1.0.6.0 with the new VRC0P it should work.

    Try excluding both devices and create a new network and re-include both of them into the new network.

    You should include the lock and then the VRC0P.

    Then check HyperTerminal again and see if you can control the lock.

    If it still does not work, repeat the process.

    Make sure you exclude the lock because that is the only way to reset it.

    If it does work, then you can include the rest of the nodes if needed.