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What to do if the wires in your wall dont match the color code on your new connector


If your are coming across the problem of mismatched color codes between your existing wiring and your new connector there is a simple solution. There are two main color codes that have been used in the last 20 years , POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) color code which will be a 4 or 6 wire cable with a red,green,black yellow colored wires and additional white and blue wire if it is a 6 wire. And Category-Rated color code which is a 8 wire cable that consists of 4 pairs or wire, blue, white blue, orange, white orange, green, white green, brown, and white brown these are commonly refered as a Cat5 or Cat6 cable depending on there category rating. You can use a Category rated cable to run phone or data but a POTS cable should only be used for telephone service. To use a POTS color code with a Category rated color code you simply need to use the below chart to match things up.