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How do I find what UL or CSA Standard applies to a Leviton Network Solutions part, or if a Leviton Network Solutions part is listed?


Lets say you want to find out UL or CSA information on a Leviton Network Solutions product. Probably the easiest way to demonstrate how to do this is to just take an example. We will look for the CSA information that applies to Leviton's Category 6A patch cord, part number 6AS10.


Please follow these steps:


  • Go to www.ul.com
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the link: Online Certification Directory
  • In the search window that pops up, enter Leviton in the Company Name field, and e109712 in the UL File Number field, then click the SEARCH button
  • Click on the link: DUXR7.E109712 (Communications-circuit Accessories Certified for Canada)*
  • Scroll down the list to Patch cords, and verify the part number of interest (6AS10) is included in the list (it shows up as XXX-6AS10*. The XXX represents a normally unpublished portion of our part numbers and the * represents cord length and color options. The * is a wild card, indicating that all lengths and colors are included in the Certified Accessory List)
  • Scroll back to the top of the page and click on the link: See General Information for Communications-circuit Accessories Certified for Canada
  • Scroll down the page to the Requirements paragraph, and here is your answer: CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 223-1989 “Cords and Cord Sets for Communications Systems”


*Note that there are several other links at the DUXR7.E109712 juncture. These will lead you to other standards compliance information for our parts.