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Decora Switches Have No Ground Terminal?


I am replacing all the light switches in my home (which happen to be Leviton toggle switches) with Illuminated Decora Switches (5611-W and 5613-W) My current toggle switches all have a grounding terminal and screw that are wired to the bare copper ground conductor coming out of the romex, which makes sense since the electrical boxes are all plastic.


What I can't figure out is how to ground my new Decora Switches because they have no ground screw nor even a ground terminal. It's just not there. A bit of internet research reveals that possibly grounding these switches isn't necessary since the internal parts are all plastic, thus negating the need for grounding, but I want to be sure since I want to be up to code and don't want to kill someone or burn down my new house.


Thanks for any help you can provide!