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PR180 installation problem


I have my PR180 installed on the line side with a regular 3-way switch on the load side. The PR180 black is connected to line power, the red is connected to A, and the yellow/red is connected to B. The 3-way switch has A jumpered to the load line. When the PR180 is ON, the light stays on and the 3-way has no effect in either position. When the PR180 is AUTO, the sensor turns on the light and the timer turns it off, but the 3-way still has no effect.


I had hoped to find the answer here, but unfortunately the tech did not elaborate:



I think this person probably has the same issue, although I don't think the tech's question makes sense (a 3-way switch doesn't have an "off" position):



What should I change to make the 3-way switch turn the light on?

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    The red lead of the PR180 should be connected to the LINE and the black lead connected to traveler A.  The connections do not change based on the sensor being on the line side so you can still follow the wiring diagram on the instruction sheet.


    To verify if your device is wired correctly, when the sensor is in the AUTO position you should be able to turn the lights on from the 3-way switch if the lights are currently off.  Once switched on from the 3-way switch the sensor will shut the lights off once occupancy is no longer detected.  You will not be able to shut the lights off at all from the 3-way switch no matter what position the sensor is in.