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How do I set the 47611-GTY back to factory default settings?


Step 1. Unplug the power cable from the router.


Step 2. Plug one end of an ethernet/patch cable into port 1 and the other end of the same cable into port 4.


Step 3. Press and release the uplink button.


Step 4. Plug the power cable back into the router and wait for the LED lights to come on (leave power cable in for 30 seconds)


Step 5. After 30 seconds uplug the power again, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.


Steo 6. Log into the router using the default address ( open your browser: internet explorer, firefox, safari, etc... and enter the IP address into the address bar at the top of the browser)


Step 7. The username is 'root', leave the password field blank and press enter.


This will set all settings back to factory default. If you had any custom settings in the router you will have to reconfigure them.