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New VRCOP-1LW +3  Application note


I have installed a zwave Kwikset deadbolt.  I am using the VRCOP to communitcate with it.  I am able to lock and unlock it with the VRCOP and get the batter level using the examples in section H and I from the application note appendix .  Is it possible to get similar examples on how to set codes using the "command class user code"  and how to use command class door lock logging???    Thanks  John

  • New VRCOP-1LW +3  Application note


    You would need to contact Black & Decker to find out what are the required parameters to send those commands.

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    Here are some commands that have been tested for the command classes you specified:



    User Code:

    Get User Code:


    X = lock node ID

    User ID = 1 to max. supported


    User Code report:


    Status = 0 (available), 1 (occupied), 2 (reserved), 3(not available)

    Code = 4 to 10 digit ascii number


    Set User Code:

    >NxSS99,1,UserID,Status, code1,…,codey



    Door Lock Logging:

    Records Support Get:


    X = lock node ID


    Records Support Report:


    X = lock node ID

    Y = max number of records stored


    Get Record:


    X = lock node ID

    Y = record number, use 0 for most recent


    Record Report:

    <nx,76,4, record num, yr1, yr2, month, day, hr, min, sec, event, user ID, code length, code1…,codey

    X = lock node ID

    Code = 4 to 10 digit ascii number

    Event = manual lock, manual unlock, remote lock, remote unlock, etc