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Mounting Opt-X 1000i on 23" Rack

Darby Scout

The Opt-X 1000i can be mounted on a 23" rack.  For the 1RU (5R1UM-F03 or 5R1UM-S03) you will need to order the 23" mounting bracket, PN# 5R1RU-023.


For all other sizes of Opt-X 1000i enclosures, mounting on a 23" can be accomplished by reversing the included mounting hardware.










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    Mat Gallien Adventurer

    Additional information, the brackets included with the 2-RU, 3RU, & 4RU units may be reversed.  But please note when mounting multiple stacked enclosures using the enclosed brackets in a reversed fashion may cause the enclosures to sag.


    Another option, (to resolve sagging if it occurs) is to mount the enclosure using a 23" to 19"  rack adapter/ear extension.  Leviton does not make these but they are available from a number rack manufacturers such as Great Lakes, Chattsworth, & B-LINE.